'tis the season...

For many, Christmas is full of jolly and wonderful. For many, however, it is just. hard. Sadness and loneliness can be felt deepest at this time of year and for some of my friends and family, it's the most painful.

..and yet we celebrate.

We celebrate because Christmas is about Hope, Love and Light. It's the coming of a baby, the most innocent and beautiful of creation, the One who came to shine His light into our dark places; to love us in our loneliness. grief. sadness and give us hope.

Wherever you find yourself this Christmas, it's my hope that you'll find the Beauty in this season.

'tis the season to be thoughtful; to slow down and breathe out gratitude; to be generous not in presents but in the gift of being present. 'tis the season to love, to care, to connect.

Blessings and Love to all this Christmas season,

Trish xx


Trish Bartell