Life Marks

One of my favourite parts of the restoration process is applying that final coat of Beeswax polish. The way it soaks into the timber and reveals the different tones, textures and markings, it's what makes each piece unique.

It got me thinking how much this is also true of people. No one gets through this life unscathed. All of us, at some point, go through it physical or emotional, life bangs us around and leaves us with scars of some description.

When I look at a piece of timber and see scratches or dents, I rarely buff them out. These are what I call 'life marks'; signs that say 'I have lived'. There is a story behind every mark and scratch that we will never know but it is what makes the piece unique.

For those who have met me, my 'scars' are very obvious, confronting even, for many people. Cancer decided to pay me a visit just over 10 years ago now and while it claimed my voice, I'm choosing that it not characterise me but rather help build my character.

I want to be more loving and caring of others, accepting and embracing of people who are different and more compassionate toward people who are hurting. Surely as we all take on this perspective and accept the 'life marks' in each other as something sacred, unique and beautiful...the world would indeed be more beautiful as a result. #soultalk #lifemarks #createwithwords

Trish Bartell