Ministry of Hope

baby in bilum.jpg

During our time in PNG, we had the privilege of meeting some of the most incredible people. Most were women with amazing stories of hardship who in spite of it all, had inspirational resilience and continued to look for creative ways to provide for their families.

One such opportunity was through the Mt Hagen Handicraft Group. This group was established in order to provide a way for local women, particularly HIV widowed or affected, to make hand woven bilums (bags), and give them access to local and international markets. The group is made up of women from both rural and urban areas and they get together regularly to support each other while also working on their bilums.

I had the pleasure of getting to know some of these beautiful women during our time there in Mt Hagen and I was encouraged and blessed by their strong spirits and beaming faces, in spite of the hardship they face each day. 

As we are able to get stock in, we will have a range of bilums for sale in our online shop. Traditionally they are used to carry anything from babies to market goods but they also make fantastic beach bags. Each purchase makes a difference, helping provide income for these women and their families. 


Trish Bartell