Hemp Infusion Oil

Hemp Infusion Oil

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Botanics hemp infusion oil is a synergy of beautiful organic oils that will assist you in reviving beautiful timber, bringing out its natural beauty, it will create the perfect finish over chalk and milk paints also. You can wax over our hemp infusion oil to give a waxed look

Hemp infusion oil is a fusion of polymerising plant oils. These oils are nourishing, they harden, and they are very protective oils. The will absorb deep into timber and will form a protective layer. With 2 coats you will have a protective seal that is impervious to liquid/ water.

Hemp infusion oil will still allow the timber to breathe and still not allow moisture to penetrate. This oil is your go to also for outdoor applications where you do not want to use Crystal clear topcoat. Timber outdoor furniture, painted outdoor furniture, metal, leather (test patch first) There are too many application possibilities here to list for hemp infusion oil. 

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